Changing MSSQL TIMEOUT parameter.

I think you have to find a way to make those indexes permanent or run the
query (or stored proc) in a separate thread. If your connection is timing
out, it must be due to huge number of rows that are being indexed,
complicate multi-column index with fairly large result-set or your server is
simply not powerful enough to execute your statement(s) as fast, or the
server is busy serving other clients/processes, or your network is too slow,
or your netbios and/or tcp/ip stack is corrupted.....


"Rick Pingree" <> wrote in message
> I am building SQL indexes with a query statement, and I am timing out to
> the SQL server.  I can change the TIMEOUT parameter in the BDE, but I
> would prefer to leave the TIMEOUT value at 300 seconds.  Is there a way
> to change TIMEOUT value from my Delphi 5 program?  I have tried to
> change the TIMEOUT value in the PARAMS string in the database component
> by entering "TIMEOUT=1500" but this does not change the timeout value.

> Thanks

> Rick