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I Need Help Getting Started!

Hello All,
I thought maybe one or more of you could help! So here it goes...

I am new to programming with Borland Pascal with Objects 7.0.  I have
used pascal on Sun Worksations to program mostly file-manipulation
type programs.  I now find myself in a position with access to Turbo
Pascal and a mandate to learn how to program Windows-based PC

My first project involves the following...
1.  Opening and adding lines to the 'win.ini' file.
2. Copying files into a directory, either one that is created or one
of the users choosing.
3. Creating a group and adding icons to that group which reference
the files that I have just copied.

Any suggestions on where to start?
I want to avoid any additional .dlls than those which comes standard
on all Windows systems.
How do I find out what kinds of routines that I have access to
through user.exe?  Or any other standard Windows programs?

On a lot of shareware windows programs that I have installed there's
some kind of standard routine that I see which prompts the user to
install the program in their suggested directory or allowing browsing
for one of their own choosing.  I have seen it at the beginning of
way too many programs to believe that each person is writing it from
scratch.  Assuming this is a standard routine, and you know what I'm
talking about, where do I find this at?

I guess this all comes down to I need to start using this program and
I don't know the best way to start and I thought some proficient  
users could give me some guidance.

Thanks in advance.
Dan Geiser <>


Re:I Need Help Getting Started!

I'm in a similar boat.  Delphi has everything we need, I think.  But you
have to dig to find the answers.  So far I'm working with Delphi Unleashed
and The Delphi Developers Guide.  Somewhere I did find that Delhpi ships
with procedures to work with ini files, and the DDG has a chapter on
installing stuff in Windows.  If you're not coming from TP5 or 6 or 7,
then you'll need to work getting into object pascal, however.

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