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Interbase on Linux with Client on Windows

I am a newbie to cross platform application development.
I am planning to use Interbase server on Linux machine, and Client
application on Windows.

How the connection happens between Interbase server & Windows client?

Should I install unixODBC for Interbase on Linux machine, and OBDC on
Windows as well?

Or will Interbase run like a webserver listening to a port on Linux
machine? If so, how that will be coded e.g. in VB6.0 or Delphi 6.0?

I appreciate if you pointout some URL documentation.

Thank you very much.


Re:Interbase on Linux with Client on Windows

IB listen port 3050. You can access IB on Linux from Win. You will need
intall ODBC if your Win application needs it. If your application is written
in Delphi you can use IBX, IBO, FIB, DBX, BDE/SQL Links, BDE/ODBC Bridge. If
you use VB you can use ODBC and OLEDB provider. Note that ODBC from Easysoft
comes only with certified (pay) edition. There is some OLEDB providers for
IB that you must buy separated. You don0t need nothin special at the server
side, just at the client side.

Sergio Samayoa
Lgica Software

Re:Interbase on Linux with Client on Windows

Sundar -

I have IB 6.01 running on RH Linux 7.2.  My Delphi applications use IBX and
IBO.  On the Windows client, I use IBConsole to create and maintain the DB's.
Some of my DB's are for PHP apps and to maintain the PHP code, I use Samba.

Hope this helps....


Todd Cary
Ariste Software
2200 D Street Extension
Petaluma, CA 94952

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