Help on 32kb TListbox limitation

Hi! Good day!
I have a dialog on my program for item selection and i used TListbox as
container for my selected items, but when i created this i am not aware
of the Size of items that will be put in the TLisbox and its 32kb
limitation. when i knew this 32kb limitation my program was already
finished and i also knew that 300,000 items will be put into the
TListbox, so i started to worry about this because if i don't find a
solution for the TListbox or other TListbox components that don't have
32kb limitation, i have to change the programs selection process
without using TListbox which takes a lot of time that we don't have.

if anybody know the solution for the TListbox or any TListbox component
that don't have 32kb limitation please reply this message or send me a
mail at


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