Oracle Data Access Components 2.00

Make your Oracle data more accessible by advanced abilities of ODAC.

CoRe Lab company has announced today the new release of Oracle Data
Access Components, a library of native Delphi components for direct
access to Oracle.

Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) is more easy, flexible, powerful
and fast way of development database applications with Oracle. ODAC
allows to refuse using cumbrous and confined BDE for applications
working with Oracle only.
Only using ODAC gives you all the advantages of processing data.
There are flexible and easy automatic updating, advanced locking and
refresh rows, advanced support of Oracle objects, arrays, nested tables,
BLOB and CLOB data types, support of native Oracle8 call interface,
embedded SQL Designer to build queries and a lot of another features.

Now CoRe Lab distributes versions of ODAC for Delphi 3,4,5 and
C++ Builder 3,4 professional and enterprise editions. Supports
Oracle 7.3,8 and Oracle 8i including Personal Oracle.

ODAC 2.00 costs $99 for a single-developer license. Source code of
ODAC costs $249 and is available only for registered users.

Trial version is available at

For more information, contact CoRe Lab, Web:,

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