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"Table is Full" problem with Paradox

David Quinn p1e ve zprv <7birav$>.


>I am getting this message when trying to import data.

>I currently have 2,069,045 records in the table concerned (table size on
>disk is 131,072K).

>The table limits quoted by Inprise are 2 Billion records and 2 billion
>per db file (Technical Information Document TI2751).

This topic has been addressed sevaral times in this newsgroup.
The upper table limit is 2 billion records, but this applies only for
combinations of record and block sizes. The essential "universal physical
constant" in Paradox is that it can only hold 64*1024 blocks of data,
so the maximum number of records the table can store is
64*1024*(block size div record size). Solution - increase
block size of your table. Look at Inprise website for utilities
that do that or for code examples (dbiDoRestructure BDE API
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Re:"Table is Full" problem with Paradox

Thanks for the info.

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