SQL Server Speed Issue

        >I have a speed problem with large batches in SQL server 7.0 A batch
        >took 2 hrs to execute in paradox now takes 13 hrs to execute in SQL
SVR 7!

        As other people pointed out, if you're using the same logic as you
were in de the paradox app. it's bound to be slower.

        >The batch process basically does the following ...

        >1. Loop throught table  (while not eof)
        >2. Test againt condition
        >3. If condition - edit record, change values, post record
        >4. Next record ....

Why not try something along the following lines
Execute SQL-query which does
  UPDATE <changed values> FROM <table> WHERE <values = condition>;

        >I have the same indices in SQL that I had in Pdox. Could my problem
be due
        >to the SQL transaction log? If so is there a way to
disable/streamline it?

The indices should *probably* on the field which you're checking against the
No It has nothing to do with the SQL transaction log. Keep it on and analyse
it if you can't get the query to do what you want.

Have fun

Grtz Ramon

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