Problem with Delphi 2.01 Inline Patch and ODBC Data Sources


There is a problem with the 2.01 update of Delphi and ODBC data sources.
Actually the problem is with the updated BDE.  The problem lies with the
new BDE/ODBC socket IDODBC32.DLL.  The best solutions the Techsupport
staff and I could come up with was to replace the socket library with the
one from the previous release.  You do not need to reinstall the entire
previous version of BDE, JUST THE OLD SOCKET LIBRARY "IDODBC32.DLL".  This
fixed all my (current) problems with the 2.01 patch.

A couple of additional notes, a next to last suggestion that the tech team
had was to uses an even NEWER version of the BDE that is bundled with the
IntraBuilder beta on their web site.  This new version WILL NOT fix the
problem, so please do not waste your time.  Second note, my problems were
with "Sybase SQL Anywhere" and Borland stated that as this database became
more popular they would look into the problem with the socket.  What I was
unsuccessful at communicating to them was that this is not a SQLA
problems, this socket problem affects all ODBC access through the BDE.  I
verified this by testing 7 other ODBC sources (Access, DBase, FoxPro,
Text, SQL Server, and Paradox) and they all had some form of problem or
another (most notably, unknown column names).  So, Borlands premiss that
they will get around to this some time UNACCEPTABLE.  So, please; if you
are having problems with ODBC and the new 2.01 patch PLEASE let Borland
know.  I don't know how they ever released a patch without testing ODBC.

Best of luck.

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