Strange (non) behaviour of OnCreate Event for form

I've been working on an application for our office.  The data will be stored
on network drives, so decided to go with a 2-tier system to improve speed -
had been using D3 Pro and managed to find a client-server edition of D3 so I
could use client datasets in lieu of cached updates.  Here's the strange
thing.  Since switching to D3 C/S, the on-create events of my forms no
longer seem to trigger.  Was using this event handler to open data modules
and initialize various controls, but with C/S edition, I was getting access
violations right and left.  After trying to trace the execution of the
program, I learned that nothing was getting opened or initialized because
the code I'd put in the OnCreate event handler wasn't executing.  The forms
are not set to auto-create - I've checked.   This is weird.  Everything
works okay when I put the same code in the OnActivate handler, but that
requires a lot of extra coding so I'm not doing things unnecessarily simply
when a form regains focus.   Any ideas on what's going on????