Answer: Using a LIKE statement in SQL.

Hello All,

Delphi does not like you to use the LIKE statement in a SQL statement that
is used for the live update of data (i.e. RequestLive = True). You will
get odd errors from your database (ones that will keep you guessing). If
you set RequestLive to False, you can use the LIKE statement (I was using
it to do database searches on what the user wanted to edit).

You have to transfer the data to other controls (I just dump mine into a
grid and move what I need to listboxes and edit fields). Then write your
own Add, Update, and Delete SQL. There are excellent examples in a book
called the Delphi Developer's Guide by the Borland press (any book store
should carry it). If anyone wants the examples that I've done, please tell
me and I'll post it.

Good luck and Have fun!