Query Open{*word*154}

I have an application in place at 2 locations, both Windows 2000 machines,
one into an Oracle DB and one into Access.

The application occasionally hangs on a TADOQuery Open command. On both
machines the latest version of MDAC was not installed but now has been and
at the Oracle location we have had a recurrence. The particular select
statement is running every 10 seconds polling the database for changes;

select * from vw_newJob where jobstatus_code = 'AS' and transactions_version
= 3

and is running with another 6 queries. This application has worked fine for
at least a couple of weeks without restarting the application (service).

Has anyone seen anything similar and if so, how did you fix it. Are there
memory/resource problems with ADO? Should the service be restarted overnight
as a matter of course?