TDBCtrlGrid and TDBCheckBox problem


I am building an application using Delphi 6 and Ms Acess as the db.

I have a form with a TDBCtrlGrid (displaying the data via ADOQuery),
and on the grid contains some TDBEdit, and a TDBCheckBox (Boolean
type).  My data may consist of multiple records for a particular id.
For example:

Rec 1: abc123           False
Rec 2: abc123           False
Rec 3: abc123           False

At record 1, if I tick the checkbox, I have an onclick event to update
the db such that all records with 'abc123' should be 'True'.  However,
I am able to update the db, but the checkbox is still unchecked for
record 2 and 3.  Even with ADOQuery.Requery and TDBCtrlGrid.Repaint
doesn't solve it!!!

HELP!  Urgently appeal for all help!

Thanks & Brgds.