Problem with Datetime field en SQL Server 6.5 and Delphi 3


I'm developing a C/S system with Delphi 3 and MS SQL/Server 6.5 (spanish
installation). I have some problems with DateTime Fields. When I try to
insert or change a record with a datetime field, the BDE returns the
error message: "Exception: EDBEngineError. Message: General SQL error.
Syntax error converting DATETIME from character string."

This error occurs when I use some dates, which involve then month's:
Jan, Apr, Aug and Dec. I think it is because of the string conversion
(English - Spanish) made by the BDE when trying to post the date (Jan -
Ene, Feb - Feb, Mar - Mar, Apr - Abr, and so on).

I found the following information on the Borland Developer Support Page
for SQL Links, but I coudn't find a DBLibrary DLL dated 17/9/93, and the
version I have doesn't work's:

"Problem:  DateTime Column Problems
These problems manifest themselves in different ways.  One
of them is an error message "Conversion of char to DateTime
resulted in a datetime value out of range."  To correct this
make sure that the DBLibrary - W3DBLIB.DLL - is dated 9-17-93.
Or, simply try one until it works.  There are many
different sources for this file."

If someone can help me, please do so.

Thanking in advance ...

Robert Fischer
Project Engineer