de{*word*81} error

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This is probably the known problem with Oracle Trace services under NT
and Delphi.  From the TI on Inprises site

"External Exception C0000008" or "Access Violation" error with 2.3.3 SQL
NET client: I get an Access Violation with Delphi 3 and an External
Exception error with Delphi 2 when connecting to an Oracle server when
in Delphi's IDE or Turbo De{*word*81} with NT4. If I run the application
alone, it executes correctly. How do I get around the problem?

Borland has determined that this is a problem with SQL NET 2.3.3. Oracle
also recognizes this as a SQL NET problem. There are a couple of

1 Rename or remove the registry entry
    NOTE: This is the solution that Oracle support recommends!
2 Start Oracle's Installer and remove the "Oracle Trace collection
Serveces 7.3.3.x.x"
3 Turn off Integrated Debugging in Delphi's IDE
4 Use an Oracle SQL NET that is older than 2.3.3

Hans Jost wrote:

> Dear Friends,

> we encountered the following problem when programming with Delphi 5.0 and
> Windows NT Workstation 4.0.
> When we want to open an Oracle database on an NT Server (the source code is
> shown in the attachment and below) the program works perfectly as long as we
> run the exe-file. But it crashes when we are in the de{*word*81} mode. We get
> the error message:

> Project xyz.exe faulted with message: 'access violation at 0x77f763b4: write
> of address 0x00030ffc'.
> Process Stopped. Use Step or Run to continue.

> Source Code :

>  self.Query1.Close;
>  self.Query1.sql.clear;
>  self.Query1.sql.Add('Select * from PG');
>  self.Query1.sql.Add(' order by PG');

> Query1 is a TQuery component object which makes use of a TDataSource
> component object.

> Thanks for any suggestions,

> Hans

>  [Image]

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