delphi call reportsmith runtime

When I called  reportsmith from  DELPHI,I  use connect  method to
ignore the password,I
don,t know why   reportsmith run time still  ask me for password,I
have set the right params
for connect.

It happened  several times before,
I set the share  to /l:400 /f:4096 to solve the problem at the first
The second time I had files to be 99 at dos config.sys .
The third time I  load low all my dos program to solve it.
But this time I can,t find out what to do.

ps.  net server is novell 4.10 ,database server is ORACLE7 FOR WG
2000,When i use
ETHERNET 802.2 in ODI way ,I only get about 450k convention memory
remained because
I must load LOW all dos program to avoid the problem .