D3 - How do I ADD the first node in a TreeView

You may try the following code samples.

TreeView1.Items.Add(nil, 'root');


TreeView1.Items.AddChild(nil, 'root');

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Raymond Lum

Sandy Donaldson <san...@itl.net> wrote in article

> Forgive me for being so stupid friends, but the help that comes with
> Delphi 3 seems to be pretty poor on the example front.

> I am trying to add/delete/insert/move nodes in a tree view during
> runtime but cannot seem to get the very first node added. I can add as
> many nodes as I want if I put one node in during design time.

> Can someone please help me out ...

> Thanks in advance

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> Sandy Donaldson
> Sa...@TaskForce.Co.Uk or San...@Itl.net