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Informix SLQLinks problem


I am having a problem updating an Informix table using SQLLinks thru a
TQuery.  I can view rhe query just fine.  Everything is fine until I
click the save current record on the nvaigator.

This is an example SQL statement on the TQuery:

select * from owner.table

The error I get is:

Table does not exist.
The specified table (owner.table) is not in the database.
ISAM error: Record not found.

I am using Delphi 3.02c/s and bde4.51

I understand that SQLLinks for Informix does function by not using the
owner name.  But, owner.table is an SQL standard and BDE/SQLlinks must
support this standard. This also is a requirement of our project.

Thanx in advance - Cire


Re:Informix SLQLinks problem

Two questions

  1/ Have you run a GRANT DBA TO PUBLIC on database
  2/ Database run on NT of UNIX system

I have test made on Informix 7.xx on net and for work file with


Benjamin Garcia.

Re:Informix SLQLinks problem

Thanks for your response!

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998 23:01:23 +0100, "Benjamin Garcia"

<> wrote:
>Two questions

>  1/ Have you run a GRANT DBA TO PUBLIC on database

Yes, also:
>  2/ Database run on NT of UNIX system

UNIXWare 2.1, Informix SE 7.x

Any Ideas?

Thanx - Cire

Re:Informix SLQLinks problem

Indeed after more test my conclusion is that with Informix if you qualified
 the table with the owner the owner must always the same. In MS-SQL this
 problem is resolved with the ALIAS feature.

 Thus if you create a table in Informix whith syntax
   CREATE User1.Mytable (....

 You can use SELECT User1.Mytable of use SELECT Mytable if it is granted.

 You can know the owner of the table if you made the following select
    SELECT owner,tabname from systables where tabid > 99 order by tabname

 If you want change de owner of the table without recreate you
 must run a DBEXPORT, change the script generate and run a DBIMPORT.
 (Carrefully with SE 7.1 there is a bug in the script generate, you must
  scratch the line containing ... OPTICAL BLOC ...)

Hope that can help you.

Benjamin Garcia.

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