I need help connecting Personal Oracle 7.3 to Delphi 3 via ODBC

I know this has been hashed out here before, and I've read all the
messages, but I have no hair left to pull out.

If I'm going to sell my supervisor on using Delphi (we already use
Oracle), I'm going to have to give him a demo.  I only have the
standard edition of Delphi 3, but (according to the box) I should be
able to connect via ODBC.  Good enough for a demo.

I've tried everything.  I keep getting the error message:  "General
SQL error [Microsoft][ODBC driver manager] Information type out of
range."   BDE Error 13059 [$33][$3]

I installed Personal Oracle 7.3 with all the options and the
directories are on my path.  I installed Delphi 3 with all the
options.  I have the ODBC drivers installed correctly (at least as far
as I know).  I can connect to it with an ODBC test program that comes
with Oracle.  I've used the BDE to add the configuration and the

But when I try to connect to it with Database Explorer, I keep getting
the above message after I enter my userid and password.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.  Thanks in advance.