Delphi2.0 DLL Interfere with VC++4.0 DLL when Dynamically Loaded

I have written an MFC application in VC++4.1. It dynamically loads in several
MFC extension DLLs and several Pascal DLLs which are written in Delphi 2.0.
I used LoadLibrary(), GetProcAddress() and FreeLibrary() from the MFC

The Pascal DLLs seem to interfere with MFC extension DLLs. Once any of the
Pascal DLLs is loaded, the calculation results from one of the MFC DLLs will
be slightly different. Even after the Pascal DLLs are unloaded. If the Pascal
DLLs do not exist in the first place, the MFC DLLs will give the correct
calculation results.

If I statically load the Pascal DLLs instead of dynamically, the MFC DLLs
work correctly just as if no Pascal DLLs are there.

Are there any tricks when dynamically loading a Pascal DLL from an MFC
application? Or is it a bug in Delphi2.0?

Please enlighten me if anyone can!


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