Large/Small Fonts and How to detect them

  As far as I know if Small Fonts is selected then the Screen.PixelsPerInch
property will return 96 and for Large Fonts it will be 120.  With Win 95
you can also set a custom font size as well.  For example Small fonts is
considered as 100% so if the user sets his machine to use a 150% font size
the the Screen.PixelsPerInch will be 144.  (Large Fonts is 125%.)

Hope this helps!

Rodney E Geraghty
Ottawa, Canada

Christine <> wrote in article

> Hi everybody,

> Just one question, from delphi (within code) how would I be able to
> if large or small fonts are selected?  I really need the answer urgently
> I would appreciate any help you may offer.

> Cheers

> Christine