How to change orient on Printer between BeginDoc/EndDoc

I am using Delphi's Printer to produce reports using pascal code. I want to
mix portrait and landscape pages in a single print job but Delphi complains
when I try to change orientation between the BeginDoc/EndDoc pair with "Stop
- Printing in progress.".

My program will be used with many types of printer so I'm not interested in
sending printer codes to the printer. I suspect the windows API will hold
the solution but I am wary of introducing version specific code (ie will the
solution hold for Win 95 and Delphi 2? - I am using Delphi1 under WFW 3.11
at the moment).

Please send replies to me by e-mail (I've a problem with my news server at
the moment).

Any help will much appreciated.

Brett Handley.