Problem with ADOX changing the property Jet OLEDB:Allow Zero Length

With following code I'm creating a table with columns, but if I try to
change the value for the column-property Jet OLEDB:Allow Zero Length I get
the error "Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the
requested name or ordinal".
I'm using Delphi 5, with Access97

  Cat: Catalog;
   Tbl: Table;
  Col: Column;
  Cat:=CreateCOMObject(Class_Catalog) as Catalog;

   Tbl :=  CreateCOMObject(Class_Table) as Table; // CoTable.Create kan ook
   Tbl.Name := 'NieuweTabel';

   Col := CreateCOMObject(Class_Column) as Column;
   With Col do
       ParentCatalog := Cat;
      Name   := 'ID';
     Type_  := adInteger;
     Properties['Autoincrement'].Value := True;
     Properties['Description'].Value   := 'ID';
   Tbl.Columns.Append(Col, 0, 0);
   Col := Nil;

   Col:=CreateCOMObject(Class_Column) as Column;
   With Col do
      ParentCatalog := Cat;
      Name  := 'Field1';
      Type_ := adVarWChar;
      DefinedSize := 25;
      Attributes  := adColNullable;
      Properties['Jet OLEDB:Allow Zero Length'].Value:= True;  // <<<<<<
   tbl.Columns.Append(Col, adVarWChar , 0);
   Col := nil;


Thanks for any help.

Best regards,

Paul D.C. Wessels
Wessels Application Development