Operation not applicable (EDBEngineError)

I think I had this problem with a Tquery that has requestlive = true, and
you try to issue an insert or update sql statement on it....you can't use
those commands on a requestlive, so you'll have to create a separate tquery
for any updates.

Will Fleming (at Work)

James Warren <ohhja...@swbell.net> wrote in message

> I am having problems executing an application on certain machines.  I am
> running a query that inserts information into several tables on a SQL
> within one connection.  I run this same application on a Window98(ODBC
> Driver Ver. 3.7) that connects to the SQL Server and it works fine.  I run
> this same application on a Window NT Server (ODBC Driver Ver 3.5) and it
> executes all query's except for two of my tables.  The error that I get
> I call ExecSQL to insert into a table is "Operation Not Applicable".  I am
> hoping that someone has seen this before and can point me in a direction
> solve this problem.

> Thanks,
> James Warren