DBLookupCombo with indexed lst

Hey !!!

I'm using Paradox 5.0 and Delphi1.x

I have DBLookupCombo and I want to have a drop down list indexed  !!!

(I mean : DataSource1 - Table1, Datasource2 - Table2)
DBlookupCombo :
                DataSource : DataSource1
                LookupSource : DataSource2
                LookupField : e_number
                LookupDisplay : e_name
I want to have drop down list sorted by e_name?
How can I do this ?
I know I can make some combinations with f.e. DBGrid (Hide and Show) and

but CAN I Do this using DBLookupCombo ?

Any suggestions ...???? Please answer

Cheers Mike

P.S. I don't remember if thit problem was posted here but I don't know and
     I can't find it in my this list archive.