ODBC to Interbase / Crystal Reports problem

Dear all,

I am having trouble with an ODBC connection to Interbase (16-bit,
version 4.0) and Crystal Reports (16-bit, v4.50, using the .DLL
(CRPE.DLL) interface. With small datasets or with SQL queries retrieving
data to report that return small datasets everything works OK but with
larger datasets or query returns the reports run but with a null dataset
(i.e. no data is shown in the report). It appears to be a connection
timeout problem with the IDAP server as when I connect with the Server
Manager, or with the IDAPI connection tester (CONNECT.EXE), or with the
Crystal Reports designer and run the reports everything works fine as
long as any of these programs has made and retains a connection. Also,
if I do not explicitly close the report using a .DLL call then only the
first large report fails but the system works OK after that. I can live
with this in an alpha-test version but I would like to clear up the
problem as the failure of the first reports is s{*word*99}py and failure to
close reports results in non-displayed reports hogging windows resources
until the report engine is shut-down.

I am wondering:

        1. Is there a simple flag / switch / option that I can place in
        ODBC.INI that would fix this problem?

        2. Are there later versions of the ODBC drivers that might fix
        this problem. My current driver set is:

                File        Size      Date     Version Info
                ----------- --------  -------- ------------------
                BLMDS04  DLL   5,872  10/02/95 4.0.1212
                BLINT04  DLL  36,400  10/02/95 N/A
                BLINT04  HLP  23,685  10/02/95 ODBC PACK 1.2.1212
                BLBAS04  DLL 120,768  10/02/95 ODBC PACK 1.2.1212
                BLODBC   LIC     440  10/02/95 N/A
                BLUTL04  DLL 107,648  10/02/95 4.0.1212.

Please note ... this has to be a 16-bit solution.

Any Takers?



Mark Myatt