Strange behaviour with MDI in Delphi 2.01 vs 2.0

I have just installed the new inline release for Delphi 2 and now my
MDI application is broken!  Specifically, the 'position' property of
TForm, when set to poDesigned seems to be not working as advertised.

Here is how to reproduce the problem...
1. Create a new MDI application (File|New...  Projects tab)
2. Change the size of the MDI form to be just a little smaller than
the MDI parent form.
3. Set the position property to poDesigned. (This means that the form,
when created, should have the same height and width as the form does
in design mode)
4. Set the border style of the MDI form to bsSingle
5. Compile and run the application.
6. Select File|New

Note that with v2.01, the MDI form is NOT the same size as when it was
created at design time.  (it is much smaller).

This works perfectly well with the old v2.0.

Which version has the bug.  2.0 or 2.01.  I suspect (hope!) it is

I have the VCL source.  Is there a fix for this error?

Mark Weston
Principal Consultant, Real Solutions