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Reportsmith - derived fields

 as a new user of reportsmith I wonder if I can succed by trying the following:
 field a (number) is a derived field, calculated by  macro <a>.
 field b (number) is also a derived field, calculated by macro <b>. I want to use the
 value of  a in macro <b> for the calculation. Field a is calculated corectly which I
 can see displayed in the report.
 It seems I can`t access value a within macro <b> properly (seems to be always  
 zero)and I get the wrong value  for field b.Is there a timing  problem?   I searched
 in the the manuals and the  online help if its ok to do this  but could`nt find any
 Borland support told me for a minimum fee of about $30 I could be told the answer to
 this question which I think should be answered in the manual anyhow.
 So I was a bit disapointed and hope somebody else might have come across this  
 before and could give me a hint.



Re:Reportsmith - derived fields

Like you too, I found myself in the same mess too.  It seems macros
have this limit of calculating differently than SQL derived fields.
I could NOT provide summary totals for my macros (told in the manual).

The encouraging news is that you have about 13 days to wait for
ReportSmith 3.0 to come out.

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