TP7 Inline Assembly Coding

I hope this newsgroup also covers Turbo Pascal questions...

I order to learn assembly language and to get good performance, I am
writing my own graphics library suited to make bitmap/tile based scrolling
games. I've reached the point where I got a few primative routines very
fast. However, I have noticed the most of the time is spent on the procedure
calls to these routines. Can anyone show me how to convert ASM blocks into
INLINE machine code blocks...I don't know how to find out the hex numbers to
each of the machine instructions.

Also, I am looking for how to access arrays in my ASM blocks. I.e. say I
want the nth byte of an array and I want to read and write to the appropriate
memory section. The Turbo Pascal books are all sketchy on all this and any
help would be appreciated...

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