QRPrinter.Preview / QRPrinter.PreviewModal

Hi all

I have a small problem using TQuickReport.QRPrinter.PreviewModal

If I use the PreviewModal function, the quickreport preview is displayed,
but no printer dialog box can be seleted, if I use Preview function, then
the dialog box is available, my problem is that I need to do a modalresult
so I can reload the report after closing the preview, hence me using the
PreviewModal function.

I have placed my code into the OnAfterPreview event, but this didnt help
when using Preview as the code sometimes executes and other times not.

What I'd like to do is use the preview function, but tell my program to wait
indeffinitly until such time as the preview window is closed.

Any idea's on how to do this? Pls email me directly jonat...@mbd.co.za