ReportBuilder & Subreports

>But we are saving our report templates as BLOB fields in a table with a
>template in each record. So the only option I can think of is to load the
>report by code by placing subreports bands on the report and loading it from
>the template through code instead of using the file open option.  When I
>to the office, I will try my option. Can I use the File open somehow to load
>templatres stored as BLOB fields instead of as  RTM files? THis way the user
>will not be limited to choice of composite reports by the combinations of
>subreports I load by code.

OK, there is a way to do this. Just set the template properties of the child
report for each subreport component to the table which stores the templates.
Just leave the name property blank and fill in the namefield and the
templatefield properties.  THen you will get an open dialog when you choose
open from the file menu in the designer.
-Pravin Ratnam