TDBRadioGroup - Help!

I am developing an application which uses a TDBRadioGroup to get an
integer for storage in a database field.  I read the value of ItemIndex
into an integer variable and then call TTable.AppendRecord to write the
new record out.

The BDE spits the dummy at this point and gives me an exception saying
that "Approved Provisionally' is not a valid integer value for the field
'Result'".  I can't figure it out since both the Delphi help and VCL
manual agree that this is an integer value, not a string.

If it's any help, I'm using Delphi 3.02 Professional on a pentium 166
machine with 32M of RAM and Win 95.  The Database table is a Paradox 7.0
table, and the field is defined as Longint.

Any ideas, anyone?  Or is this just a Delphi bug?
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