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Accessing WWW-pages from Delphi

For an application I want to access information on a number of WWW
pages. I know that I need to use a WinSock library (component?) but
how to request the page and how to receive the information on the page
is not clear to me.
Anyone with suggestions and/or sample applications?

Ruud Th. van der Ham


Re:Accessing WWW-pages from Delphi

        You get the winsock component (I"ve been using IPSocket by Lenham Computer
Services which makes it really easy if you know nothing about winsock) and you
tell it to open the computer "www" at "" at port 80 (usually,
which is standard for www servers).

        Then you send it "GET filename.html HTTP/1.0" and it'll send the file to you.
(I should note that a blank like is needed after your GET line).

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