Communications with Portable Terminals

Concerning another posting requesting help in serially communicating with a
 device called the Micro Wand 32ES manufactured by Hand Held Products, Inc,
 the answer is rather straight forward. This device has a 32-bit processor (68331) which contains a built in UART. By design it communicates via RS-232C - you
know, a standard 9-pin comm port. The device is programmed in standard ANSI
'C' using HHP's C Development System.

As far as communications with a PC using Pascal, that's easy too. Obtain a copy
 of a library package that will allow you to take control over the port hardware.
Opening the port as a file, as was suggested, can be done but the programmer
 looses control over the port.

Any owner of Hand Held Products scanners or software can reach the Technical Support Group at this URL: We will be glad to help you.

Doc Ditrich
Mgr, HHP Technical Support Group
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