GPFs from calling function in another unit to a MDI child form

I have a MDI child form in D1 with numerous TTables and components. I have
a separate formless
unit with 'Uses ChildForm;' in implementation section, 'FormlessUnit' in
main Uses clause on
ChildForm. If I call a procedure implemented in the formless unit from the
child form , which in turn tries to
access any of the ChildForms' component methods or properties such as
Table.Next, Table.Name, ect.,
I get a GPF.

I have also tried calling to the MDI parent which in turn calls the
ChildForm with the same effect. Calling from the MDI parent alone
experiences no problems.

I have had to split the code into other units because of 'Code size too
large' errors.

Any help  to work around GPFs or on alternate designs greatly
apprieciated.Project is GROWING
and I need more room. DLLs???


Miles Neal