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Using Delphi 1 with Delphi 3?

Hello everyone,
I am using on my Windows 95 computer, SQL*NET V 2.x (32 bit), and Delphi 3.0
C/S, for accessing an Oracle Server.

A project occured however, and I need to install Delphi 1 for developing a
16 bit application. I installed Delphi 1 C/S, but I still
have the 32 bit SQL*NET drivers. Will it work? For the moment, all I get is
a "ORA3121- Interface Not Connected", even though
when configuring the 16 bit BDE I used an empty protocol and stated
TNS:MYSERVER as a server name..

Can anyone help me?

Devletoglou Vassilis,
Bull Corporation, Greece.


Re:Using Delphi 1 with Delphi 3?


I believe you will have to install 16-bit SQL*Net as it needs to
interface to the 16-bit BDE necessary for Delphi to work.

We are doing both 16- and 32-bit development here and have found this to
be the case.

Hope this helps

Jim Stanley
Jacobs Engineering
Pasadena CA USA

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