Hey Delphites...

I have two projects.  The first is already released (Paradox/BDE) and rather
large (200 units). The second is in design phase and could probably benefit
from client/server technology.

I've read a bit on ODBC, not much on OLE DB, and a cursory glance at ADO.
I'd like to...

1. Choose the least restrictive (as far as physical DB selection...Access,
Paradox, SQL Server, etc) for the app in design phase, and
2. port the large app to remove the BDE (and paradox later) from the

It seems that ADO would require alot of work to revamp the large app.  I've
seen a product called ODBC98 which sounds like replacement
of the TSession, TDatabase, TTable, TQuery with the TDatasource component
intact.  I think that it would allow me to at first lose the BDE (while
still using paradox via ODBC), and later covert to another DB format if

My question is (finally!) if I adopt ODBC as my companies strategy for the
database connect layer, will it be still be a good decision a year from

Any opinions (especially from someone who has faced a similar decision and
is now living with the consequences) will be very much appreciated.