Web Database Developer Seeking Partners

Seeking Partners
I am seeking partners to help me market a very flexible and powerful
commerce builder application I have developed. I believe that the tool I
have put together is a powerful foundation product with unbelievable

I have developed a database powered Store and Catalog builder, complete with
image support, which literally spits out commerce-ready store sites with any
defined transactional backend as a component. Based on a Delphi over BDE
implementation, the product is completely configurable and can publish to
nicely structured embedded page definitions or to web page templates of any
design. The most powerful element of the tool, however, is a formatted field
facility, which provides the means to marry virtually any programmatic
function, written in any language, to the database. Carried with each
record, this facility provides the means to set the database up to any
transactional backend for card processing, and/or shopping cart integration,
and/or any specialized transaction. I've put E-Commerce is intuitive; an
embedded EDI applications would be a natural, very straightforward. Any
number of fields can be allocated for the facility, so robust or complex
multi-threaded or multi-functional transactions can easily be accommodated.
Integration with Javascript, Java, perl, c++, DHTML, VBscript, client or
server-side, or both, can be accommodated beautifully and cleanly. It is
truly a web developer's delight.

What I have just described is a static tool, meaning it publishes html via a
wizard, and the pages are then uploaded. Probably the most powerful thing
about the facility, however, is what it can do in a dynamic web database
environment such as in an Oracle or SQL Server scenario. In these scenarios
when the database is uploaded, the same fields publish and execute just as
they do in a static page environment.

This means that complex transactions, or any transaction can be developed
without regard to the end environment with dramatic reductions possible in
development and deployment time. Static architectures are much more
manageable, dynamic environments less formidable. The architecture is very
straight forward, and lends itself very nicely with the starkest of web
server support. Very powerful applications can be put together in a strictly
{*word*192} web with java/JavaScript or any client side browser based language
facility. Given these capabilities, I believe it will really shine with any
of the server side programmatic facilities like active server or in a robust
cgi/c++ supported web. Dynamic web environments such as SQL Server, Oracle,
Sybase, ASP Access, etc. are natural targets for specialized applications
for the tool because of how nicely the integration and application models
can be architected. So nicely, in fact, that I believe each niche area
becomes it's own special marketplace for targetted implementations, at very
attractive margin levels.

Please NOTE:
I have just published a 500 item site, total page development time, 2 days,
publish time, 6 minutes, upload time 10 minutes. The database handles all
the images, thumbnails, etc. Total number of files for this effort, over
1,600. In this scenario the customer did all the product and image prep and
database entry. Total effort, 2-3 man weeks for an inexperienced merchant.

I have a 15,000 item catalog I want to do next. I also want to put the 500
item database up live in an ASP environment, tests already validate
effective use. I have been contacted about a 100,000 item bookstore an
entrepreneur wants to put up. This product is ideally positioned for such an
effort because the product can be priced right, learning curve is reasonable
even for novices, at least for the high labor areas. All in all the product
can be a very powerful people's product.

The product is shelf ready and rung out. It is robust and reliable, this is
the second release. I developed this in cooperation with a firm who has a
whole stable of family products targeting the low end PC database segment. I
have marketing rights, and am eager to develop a web marketing strategy to
the development community through my websites, www.connect-atlanta.com and

There is quiet a bit more to tell about me and the vision I have, both in
technologies, my view of the market segment, and how to capture market
segment in this fast evolving world of the web and e-commerce. I think I've
said enough for now, however. I developed the database for a reason; I knew
I needed a really fast tool so as to be aggressively competitive in the
world of small business. I believe I was successful in building such a tool.
What I hadn't bargained for was to be what I believe to be very successful
in putting together a tool that could be applied so uniquely and effectively
in high-end environments. That really blows my mind.

I hope I've peaked your interest. I'm looking for 2 types of partners or
clients, whatever you want to call them. First, I would love to find
challenging projects to apply the tool against, I can envision being very
effective in selling the technology to consultants and developers, training
them, then assisting as needed in actual projects.

Secondly, I would like to find a partner/investor that can help me carry the
product to the next level, ostensibly to a level of success that might lead
to that dream IPO. Well, we can all dream, can't we. But I really wouldn't
have said it if I didn't believe it, or know what the potential really is,
and I truly believe a several times $multi-million potential could be a
reality in the right circumstances.

If interested, please contact:

Rod Wright rodwri...@mindspring.com
CONNECT Internet Services
phone (770) 587-0751 fax (770) 587-0279