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mouse bug with BP 7.0 and O2!

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[ Author was Gerhard Kutzelnigg ]
[ Posted on 3 Aug 1995 14:12:08 GMT ]


I am working on a graphical development system with Borland Pascal 7.0. As
soon as I run the DOS - programm in OS/2 even DOS-FullScreen, the mouse or
whatever produces a pointer error. I guess it's the mouse 'cause it only
happens when I move the mouse. Otherwise there's nothing.

I get the event by turbo-vision getevent. Everything else is different from
turbovision. And on DOS the program runs perfectly, I don't think it's a
hidden pointer error that doesn't appear under DOS for OS/2 is more

Who could help me please? *sighing*


cu gerry

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Re:mouse bug with BP 7.0 and O2!

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