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Delete SQL

I have a local Paradox table ("A")that I would like to delete all
records that exist in another local Paradox table ("B").  I can build a
delete query in Paradox that works great.  I tried to convert into SQL
and of course it would not convert it for me.  So I wrote the following
SQL in a TQuery which should be the same:

FROM Table1.db, Table2.db
Table1.db.Field1 = Table2.db.Field1 AND
Table1.db.Field2 = Table2.db.Field2 AND
Table1.db.Field3 = Table2.db.Field3 AND
Table1.db.Field4 = Table2.db.Field4 AND
Table1.db.Field5 = Table2.db.Field5 AND
Table1.db.Field6 = Table2.db.Field6

However this generates an Token error message about the comma in the
FROM statement.

I am going under the impression that this should be exactly like a
SELECT but it deletes instead.  So I plan to call it with
TQuery1.ExecSQL. or

Am I doing this wrong?  Should I be using the TUpdateSQL?  The tables
are not cached or read only.  Nothing dramatic, although Table A is a
child table with Referential Integrity.  But since I am deleting from
the child first there should be no conflict.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can send my way.



Re:Delete SQL

Thank you for all your help - I got it to work.  Was just a syntax
problem on my subquery.


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