WebModule's OnCreate method not getting called

I posted this on borland.public.delphi.internet but haven't had any
response so I'm trying here.

I've got two rigs that are (more or less) the same - running inetinfo
under NT WorkStation.  On one of them the demo web server application
runs fine, on the other it doesn't appear to be executing the OnCreate
method - therefore the links sent back to the browser are incorrect
since the ScriptName variable is null.  If I directly open one of the
links I get a database error (invalid operation on a closed dataset);
again, this is consistent with the OnCreate method not being called
since this is where the tables are opened.  I can continue development
of the web server application on which I'm working on the rig that
does work but I'm going to run into problems when I try to deploy it
so I'd appreciate some help on what I might have done wrong.

As I said, the rigs are more or less the same - put together over
different time periods so there are no doubt minor differences.  I've
scanned through several newsgroups but not seen anything like this

All suggestions gratefully received (including alternative news groups
to try).