A Win32 API function failed

I am writing a program for importing data from DBF tables into Access 2000.
I use two ADOConnection components: one for connecting to Access, and the
for reading the DBF tables.
In both cases I use Microsoft Jet OLE DB 4.0 provider, adding the Extended
Properties string in
 the case of the DBF table, with the proper value ("dBase 5.0" in my case).
Well, everything works OK in my development environment (D5, Win NT Service
Pack 4) and in
other NT SP4 machines I tested it on.

But, when trying to read the DBF table in a W95 machine, I get the message:
"A Win32 API function
I checked out DCOM and MDAC versions, and updated them when necessary, so I
don't feel that the problem is there.

I tried with TADOTable as well as with TADOQuery, but in both cases, when I
call the Open method, the dreaded message shows up.
As a side effect, the machine goes out of resources.

Any idea of where to look for the bug???

Thanks in advance,

Sergio Sansosti
baco Informtica