Opus DirectAccess and parameter memo fields

 I have a question regarding Memo parameter fields. I am using Delphi 2 with
Opus DirectAccess version 1.2.1 (ODA3235.DLL) connected to an Access95
database using DAO 3.5.

With a TQuery with "INSERT INTO Table1 (CompName, CompValueMemo) VALUES
(:CompName, :CompValueMemo)" I cannot get it to insert into the memo field
(CompValueMemo) more than 255 characters. Using BDE and a Paradox 7 database
it works. The code is something like:

  with Query1 do begin
   ParamByName('CompName').AsString := "123";
   ParamByName('CompValueMemo').AsString := StringOfChar('A', 800);

I tried this within Access95 with an INSERT INTO SQL statement using the
String(800, 'A') function to insert more than 255 characters into the memo
field and it worked. So I don't think it is a limitation of Access.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions? Any help would be greatly


Diego Barros