Attempting to save Word document to Oracle DB field

     I am currently trying to write an application that can store
Word 7 documents on an Oracle V7.3.3 database table.  I have
set up a table containing a LONGRAW field to hold the binary
data, but I seem to be having all sorts of problems in trying to get
Delphi (V3) to save the Word document to the table correctly.
I have tried loading the file into TMemoryStreams and
TBlobStreams before writing the data to the database table,
although neither method seems to work.  The document would
appear to be undergoing some sort of conversion, because although
it appears that the data has been saved to the DB table, when I try to
read the data again, it appears as a mess of ASCII control characters
(which may hve originated in the original document).  Any suggestions
or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Graeme Oliver