How to make Printer settings as default

Hi Folks,

I want to change for all installed PS printers the TT settings by
code.See code below for what I tried (Delphi4).

This code works fine for the current session. I can start a new
printjob with those new settings active, but what I really need is to
make those changes Windows default.

Is there an easy way of telling Windows (9x and maybe NT as well) to
use those new settings as Windows defaults for this printer ?

procedure TForm1.Button4Click(Sender: TObject);
var MyHandle:  Thandle;
    MyDevMode: pDevmode;
    MyDevice:  Array [0..255] of char;
    MyDriver:  Array [0..255] of char;
    MyPort:    Array [0..255] of char;
    n: Integer;
    h: hdc;
  n:=0;         (* for first printer only *)
  Printer.PrinterIndex := n;
  Printer.GetPrinter(MyDevice, MyDriver, MyPort, MyHandle);
  MyDevMode := GlobalLock(MyHandle);
    memo1.lines.add('Printer: '+printer.printers[n]);
    MyDEvMode^.dmFields:=0 ;
    MyDevMode^.dmFields := MyDevMode^.dmFields or DM_TTOption;
    Printer.SetPrinter(MyDevice, MyDriver, MyPort, MyHandle);
  PrintDialog1.execute; (* see if changes are active now *)

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