Using HP4000 printer with Delphi 1.0

I have written several applications in Delphi 1.0.  I am now experiencing a
problem with the HP4000 printer exclusively.  The problem only manifests
itself under these conditions:

1. An HP4000 printer is set as the default printer.
2. Delphi application launched in Windows NT 4.0.

Whenever I try to print under these conditions, I get a GPF, and the
application crashes.  However, if I set up a different printer as the default
printer, then do a printer setup to change the printer to the HP4000 printer
inside of the Delphi Application then my application prints successfully on
the HP4000 printer.  Has anyone had a similiar problem, or can give me any
advice besides converting the application to 32 bit.


Mark Catheline

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