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Netscape as embedded OLE server

I'm basically just wanting to be able to use Netscape in a similar manner to
how the IE ActiveX control is able to be used. I'm assuming that I have to
use a TOleContainer, or something of that nature, but I'm really not sure
where to get started. I have imported the Netscape type library, but it's
generating an "interface not supported" exception in the code that Delphi
built from it:

class function CoCNetworkCX.Create: INetwork;
  Result := CreateComObject(Class_CNetworkCX) as INetwork;

I'm a bit lost at where to go from here. I tried using
CreateOLEObject('') and then calling the methods that way,
but it didn't seem to do anything, though it didn't give any errors either.
I feel like I'm missing something *really* obvious here, and I'm just not
quite sure what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and please do
cc: to if it's not too much trouble. Thanks.



Re:Netscape as embedded OLE server

In article <6l4boa$>, Jim Kirk wrote:
> I'm a bit lost at where to go from here. I tried using
> CreateOLEObject('')

That object only deals with the "plumbing" aspects.  It essentially
does via Netscape what the WinInet stuff does via IE, e.g., you'll be
working from the Netscape cache, etc, etc.  So, you can use it to grab
the contents of a given URL into a block of memory, or download a file,
etc, but not to display anything in Netscape.

AFAIK, the only way to control the actual Netscape UI is still DDE,
using the Spyglass standard DDE verbs.

Sun, 12 Jul 1998 23:04 EDT
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