Delphi+ODBC+BDE+SqlServer doesn't work

Am I right in saying that it is not possible to access a SqlServer database
successfully via the BDE?   I have tried and find that it won't allow me to
save and recall images.   I can insert the image into the DBImage object,
and it appears, but I can't save it.   MSAccess wil insert, save, and recall
the image successfully.   If I call up the table after Access has saved it,
I get an invalid Blob size error message and the image is not displayed.

It appears that it is not possbile to use Delphi Professional, because it
doesn't include ADO.

What can  do that won't cost any more money?   I have tried the freeware Ado
objects, but after (I confess) a very cursory investigation I come up with
kernel errors.

Nick Alexander