TeeChart question

hello all

I am using TeeChart pro 4 and want to create
a custom gallery with TTeeGallery. CreateGalleryList
similar to the extended demo "Show me the Gallery"

problem i noticed is that when you change from
the chart tab to the functions tab and back again
_All_ the chart types are displayed, although
i only specified two types in CreateGalleryList.

This behaviour is also apparent in the demo.

I have attempted to disable the "Functions" tab
so that no switching is allowed, but the tab control is
private according to the Symbol Browser.

Anyone know of a work around to disable the tab control?
or a way to only display a certain no. of charts which
doesn't default back to all types after switching tabs.

Many thanks


I have thought of doing an EnumChildWindows
to find the tab control and disable the page
but i just want to make sure that i have not overlooked