How to Read and write default values in Paradox table on runtime

that's the way i do it:
I use BDE.DbiGetVChkDesc to get the VChkDesc and then i convert the native
value into a variant (containing NULL, if there's no value defined).
Have a look at the attached file, there you'll find what you need (i hope
so, because i took some code snipets and put them together without compiling

hope this helps
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ayo wrote in message <01bcdfb6$5b231900$>...
>How to read a default value in a already created  Paradox table on

>I have some paradox tables which has some fields with default value.

>How can I know if a field has a default value or not?
>How can I  what the value of the default is? i.e what the default
>value is set to on runtime?

>I tried Field.DefaultExpression but I get an empty string.

>I appreciate any help on this matter.


begin 666 PxTbl.pas