PC GAME with DirectX SOURCE CODE: Atomic Bombers (Free PC & Amiga arcade game with Level Editor)

And what does this game have to do with Inprise's wonderful Delphi?

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>- PC and AMIGA arcade game based on Dynablaster
>and Atomic Bomberman with a Level editor.
>- Windows DirectX display.
>- HTML help files

>- DirectDraw
>- DirectInput
>- DirectSound

>Web Home Page :

>Game title :
>"Atomic Bombers"

>Description :
>"Free arcade game based on Dynablaster.
>Level editor.
>Up to 4 players.
>Amiga version available with level Editor.
>Amiga levels compatible with PC version.
>PC version with DirectX.
>Bored with other similar games: TRY THIS ONE !
>Look at Atomic Bombers home page for playing rules and others informations"